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Providing Holistic and Innovative Martial Arts Classes For Everyone

Since 1999, Westling's Martial Arts Academy has provided students with dynamic, enjoyable, and highly effective martial arts programs for students of all ages and backgrounds. We have always believed that martial arts should teach more than just physical fitness but also help develop good character traits, a positive mindset, and choosing respect and discipline in any situation. 

We know that finding a martial arts academy can be overwhelming.  At Westling’s Martial Arts, our priority is to help you and your children become the Best versions of yourselves. Our expert instructors are here to help you define your goals, and help you achieve them in a fun, exciting, and welcoming environment.  Take a moment to learn more about our facility, programs, and community through our website.  We look forward to meeting you real soon.

We are conveniently located outside of downtown Flemington, NJ. We look forward to having you become part of our martial arts family! 

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A Dynamic and Multi-Faceted Curriculum For Optimum Growth

We have designed our curriculum to balance traditional martial arts with contemporary teaching methods. Our aim is always three-fold for the body, heart, and mind. As students attend our classes, they are getting closer to unlocking their highest potential! They will discover essential life skills such as confidence, discipline, and perseverance and learn how to apply these in everyday living.

Together with instructors whose passion is to see students strengthen themselves in all aspects, we are truly honored to be part of our students' growth and journey. 

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