Apart from our standard martial arts classes, we have a wide array of services for women, senior citizens, veterans, and scouts! We make sure every program suits your needs and end goals, and we are here to make that happen for you! So come take a look below at our services and find the one that fits you best. 

Continue reading below to know more about these activities and sign up soonest, so you don't miss your slot! 

  • Martial arts training for veterans
  •  Self-defense clinics for senior citizens
  • Self-defense seminars for scouts
  • EmPowHer S/D clinics/Seminars for ladies of all ages
  •  Community service connections


Martial arts training for veterans: We offer martial arts programs for our U.S. military veterans, reserves, and active duty. Our programs provide more knowledge and instruction on situational awareness, self-defense, confrontation, weapons disarming, and more! 

Self-defense clinics for senior citizens: Our self-defense programs offer our senior citizens physical and mental health benefits. We'll teach you practical self-defense techniques, valuable tools to carry, and workouts to improve strength, mobility, and stamina.

Self-defense seminars for scouts: Like our self-defense for senior citizens, our self-defense program will teach them to be prepared in all aspects wherever they go. Our classes also improve situational awareness, detect attacks, and wisely strategize for your next move.

EmPowHer S/D clinics/Seminars for ladies of all ages: We're here to inspire and motivate women to live their best lives. No matter your situation or experience, every woman's journey is unique. Through seminars and lectures, let's help you unlock your full potential! 

Community service connections: We believe that our lessons always go beyond just physical and mental awareness. Our community service connections are dedicated to making other people's lives easier. Our support services are committed to promoting mind-body health and balance, and our love for an equal, loving, and supportive community is at the core of it all.