Let Your Child Shine Through our STARR Program!

Does your child need a fun, supportive, and educational activity? Say no more!  Young children are curious and active - and they sometimes have difficulty learning to control their bodies and behavior. They crave structure and thrive in an environment that’s supportive, educational, and fun.

Our STARR, Martial Arts program, is a kids program that fuses physical fitness and self-defense, set in an entertaining and energetic atmosphere! There is a lot to be learned from our STARR program - from important life skills, martial arts strategies, and techniques to self-defense concepts that will help them be prepared in any situation. 

Through patterned classes that kids can keep rehearsing and knowing by heart, they will see the results through time. This practice has helped our students achieve a high level of Black Belt excellence with better body coordination, muscle control, improved communication skills, and disposition. 

Our program is suited for kids 4-9 years old.

Witness the Lifelong Benefits of Being as STARR Student

STARR means: 

(S) Safe & Self-Confident, (T) Trustworthy, (A) Achiever, who is (R) Respectful and (R) Responsible.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind emblem that will help students achieve well-roundedness, happiness, and positive character development until they reach adulthood. Take a look at the rewards your young one can experience: 

- Improved character, communication, and socialization skills

- Enhanced self-esteem and long-term self-confidence 

- Self-respect, respect towards others, humility, and compassion 

- Self-discipline, better mental focus, and improved school performance

- Use of their energy into positive and productive ways 

- Better health, body coordination, balance, and flexibility 

- Mindful goal-setting, problem-solving, and determination

What are you waiting for? See you on our training grounds soon!