Something Unique and Motivational for Your Young Champions

Our Ninja Trix for Kids Program provides a foundation for your kids to learn discipline, respect, and body coordination - all through stimulating and exciting activities! It is a special program that combines martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour skills! Created by fellow martial artists, gymnastic coaches, and parkour enthusiastic, this program is aimed to take fitness to a whole new engaging and refreshing level. 

When students sign up, they embark on a journey as Ninja Warriors! Read on through to know more! 

Unlock the Ninja Warrior in Your Child!

Our Ninjas will undergo three parts of their incredible Ninja Training while having so much fun and meeting new people along the way! 

Martial Arts: Immerse in foundational martial arts skills and understand the basics of this exciting field. Improve in flexibility, stamina, strength, and technique! 

Gymnastics: Experience engaging gymnastic exercises to improve body awareness, physical strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination skills. 

Parkour:  Navigate positively challenging obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. Discover amazing parkour techniques and equip yourself with new skills! 

Reserve your slot and start training!