Prepare Your Teen for the Outside World

As your children become teenagers, they begin to apply the skills they have learned in childhood and shape their choices, views, and behaviors. Our classes will help them hone these skills and support them as they gain new ones, specifically self-defense. Acquiring this will aid them in defending themselves and their loved ones. In addition, they will learn to appreciate more about respect, discipline, courage, and proper timing for offense and defense. 

We want them to know the difference between right and wrong and choose goodness and compassion wherever they may be. 

Our classes are suited for students ages 9-15. 

Practice Leadership, Integrity, and People Skills

Martial arts has the remarkable capacity to bring out all that sunshine in your child. We envision our students to shine bright with their confidence, humility, and potential to be inspiring leaders someday through our Teen Leadership Program. Our course teaches them to be flexible with different people and know that it's not just their individual needs. When they learn sportsmanship, they become stronger and more successful each day.

At the end of the program, we want them to do well in academics and be compassionate mentors in their field.